What a lovely day for a trip to the woods!

Posted by on 20/04/2015

The sun was shining today for our Forest School adventure. We were able to take our time with our journey looking at all the changes that had happened over the Easter holiday.

A cheeky snail decided he wanted to come along too and got a lift on our trolley all the way to the woods. He has now got a new home to live in.


There were Bluebells in the wood too. Someone said they were called “Ding a Ling Flowers”. I think that is a great name.


We did lots of tree climbing and hanging upside down on branches.

IMG_2016          IMG_2021    IMG_2017

We all thought of new Forest School names too. We had to think of an animal that begins with the same sound as our names. It was very tricky!

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