What a busy week!

Posted by on 27/04/2015

We had such a busy and exciting week last week. We noticed so many changes that had been happening over the Easter break. There are buds and blossom on the trees, birds are busy building nests and new shoots are popping up all over. We were even lucky enough to see some people horse riding!

IMG_0083     IMG_0215    IMG_0268

This week has got off to a great start. We were comparing all the different bark on trees. We noticed that some trees have rough bark, some have smooth and some have really bumpy bark.IMG_0026     IMG_0036       IMG_0042

Some of us spent some time looking at ants working hard under an oak tree,

IMG_0084   IMG_0085 

while some of us sat and had a rest!

IMG_0110   I can’t wait to find out what happens over the rest of this week.

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