What a busy time we have had at Forest School.

Posted by on 21/05/2015

We have had such a busy time at Forest School over the past couple of weeks. We have been using the tools to make pirate hats and flags. We discovered that if you put a leaf or flower under a piece of fabric and then hit the fabric with a mallet, the colour came out of the leaf onto the fabric.

We have also started to use the hand drills to make a wooden hedgehog. This is a work in progress and we hope that we can finish it before the end of our Forest School adventure.


We sat really quietly for 5 minutes and we were visited by a Jay. These are usually quite shy birds but because we were so still it must have felt quite safe.


We have got a new shelter too. It came in very handy this week when it started to rain. We made such a great tent where we were able to stay cosy and dry. It was fun and the torches were so handy as it was dark inside.


We have made a new sink with running water to help us wash our hands.


There has been so much team work in the woods, it has been so lovely to see everyone working together.

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