Our first week back!

Posted by on 15/04/2016

We have had a really lovely start to the term at Forest School. We have been making mud sculptures and leaving them hidden in the trees.

Leaves are starting to grow on the trees and bushes now. Spring is definitely here.

P1010232                                      P1010233P1050316P1050301P1050291P1050303             

 P1010230         DSCF2594                           DSCF2603           DSCF2609

The Bluebells are in bloom and look very beautiful. One group thought they should be called Tinklebells instead as not all of them are blue. The bark on the Cherry Tree is peeling too, leaving stripes around the trunk, there are no leaves yet but lots of buds.


We have even made a den and a see saw.


I hope our sculptures are still there when we return next week.

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