New year at Forest School

Posted by on 06/10/2014

We have had so much fun at Forest school so far this year. All of our EYFS children have had time on our school site to learn how to stay safe in the woodland and now we are venturing out to the woodland.

Class 2 were the first class to go to the park and we saw so much along the way it took us 40 minutes to get to our base camp. We saw Cherry trees, Hawthorn trees, Chestnut trees and a very large Oak tree. There are so many squirrels running around gathering nuts for the winter.

Half of Class 1 went on Wednesday and we found a Willow tree that must have been blown down in the wind, it was fun to climb over and under it.

Then on Thursday it was the turn of group 1 in class 3. Mrs Doe spotted a Passion Flower growing over a fence.

We built some houses out of sticks, grass and mud bricks and we tried to blow them down just like the big bad wolf from the story “Three Little Pigs”


Today in Class 2 lots of us tried hanging upside down on the trees. I was very proud of myself because I managed to do it for the first time last week and I can still do it.

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