Class 1’s Adventure to the Woods

We had a really great time at forest school today. We all chose a Forest School name and played some hide and seek games before we explored our little area in the woods. We talked about how we do not have any walls so instead we have signs with red hands on telling us to STOP! This keeps us safe while we are out.

Charlie Caterpillar found some worms with some of the children but they escaped from the bug pots through the little holes in the top.

In class 1 we are thinking about the story “We’re going on a bear hunt” at the moment and we were able to find out what it felt like to go through the mud! We also left footprints for our friends to follow.

Thank you to all the afternoon parents for being so patient when you picked up your child at the end of the day. I will get better at time keeping!

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Squelchy, squelchy mud

As you can see the wood was very muddy again today, but that did not spoil our fun. We were very busy trying to guess how many small pots it would take to fill the large pot with mud.

Do you know what happens to a branch if someone sits on it. We found out that it got lower. Watch out if someone gets off!

To move large sticks around the woodland we asked our friends for help and we made a fantastic mini forest out of the sticks we found.

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Class 2 at Forest School

We had a great time at Forest School. What an interesting journey we had. We looked at the different plants and trees on the way and we saw a Starling on a roof. We knew it was a Starling because it was covered in speckles that look like stars.



Climbing trees seemed to be our favourite activity of the day. We used the ropes to help us climb the trees.

Some of our children were amazing at tying knots!


DSCF0780                   DSCF0779

   DSCF0775                               DSCF0783

DSCF0800             DSCF0824

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Thank you!

Thank you so much Shipmates for our new dungarees, you made our trip to Forest School even more fun.

Our new waterproofs are also mud proof!

Today we talked about how we stay safe around a camp fire and whittled Willow sticks ready to toast marshmallows on.

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Outdoor Challenge!

Can you go for a play in the woods or the park and collect as many different types of leaves that have fallen from the trees!

How many different types of leaf can you find?

Are they all the same colour?

Do you know what tree they came from?

Bring your leaves to me and let me know what tree they are from!

Have fun

Mrs Walter


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Splish Splash


We had a very wet session at Forest School this week but we had lots of fun. We even managed to get back in time for our harvest assembly.

To keep dry in the woods we made a den.   


We used potato peelers to whittle sticks to make wands.



  The trees were slippery today so we tied a rope to the tree to help us up.


Our walk back to school was great fun. The path had flooded in the rain. It was like walking through a river.

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Using our senses

Today we thought about using our senses in the woods. We helped each other on the blindfold trail. I felt very 

safe when I was being guided by Anthony.

We listened to music through wood. We were amazed at how the sound travelled through tree trunks.


This afternoon we made some great tents. WOW, class2, you are amazing at tying knots and what fantastic team work.

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The Explorers!

We have had so much fun today. We walked to the woods thinking all the time how we stay safe walking near the road.


We then found a Hawthorn tree. It was twisty and someone thought it looked like it was giving itself a hug.

We looked at the different trees and spotted lots of Oak Trees and Cherry Trees.

We are becoming really good at using tools safely and being explorers.

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Forest School

Didn’t we have a lovely time, the day we went to Forest School!

Class 2 had their first visit to our Forest School last Tuesday. The children and staff had a lovely time making badges, going on bug hunts and swinging on a rope swing. We also had a great time playing hide and seek. I wonder what we will do next week?

                                                    Forest schools sept 13 013                                                    Forest schools sept 13 001              Forest schools sept 13 002Forest schools sept 13 005Forest schools sept 13 062             Forest schools sept 13 034Forest schools sept 13 055

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