Nest Building

Today in Forest School we worked in teams to help us build nests. We looked around the woodland to find suitable materials and took them back to our home circle where we made a nest. We then made some eggs out of clay. Everyone worked together in their team and decided that birds must be very clever to only use their beaks to pick up the items that they need to make their homes. (We have hands and found it tricky).

DSCF2282                                                 DSCF2289

This is us busy collecting materials to build our nest.                            We carefully constructed our nest.

DSCF2294                       DSCF2296

We placed our eggs in the nests.                                  Our finished product!

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Wet and windy day

We had a lovely time in the wind and rain this morning. Instead of using the woodland we thought it would be much safer to play in the park instead. We played lots of team games and we tried to fly kites. We have some very good kite flyers in class 1. It was very tricky.

Class 1 are going to blog some more Forest School photos today so have a look at their blog.

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Keeping Warm


Hilltop Hedgehogs Forest Schools recommended List of Winter Clothing:

On the top
Lots of thin layers will keep you much warmer than one thick one. We recommend that layers are worn underneath the coat.

•A vest

•A short sleeved t-shirt or thermal vest
• A long sleeved t-shirts
• An old jumper (which you won’t mind getting muddy)

· A Warm Coat (which you won’t mind getting muddy)
• A waterproof coat over the top if your warm coat is not waterproof (which you won’t mind getting muddy)

All these layers are recommended, it is easier to shed a layer if you get too hot.

On the bottom
It is recommended that in cold winter weather, 2-3 layers are worn on the bottom. For example:
• 1-2 pairs of tights or leggings (Wool, fleece or thermal. For underneath  your trousers)
• Old trousers (which you won’t mind getting muddy)
• Waterproof over-trousers

• TWO PAIRS OF SOCKS IS NOT ENOUGH! Wear as many as you can comfortably fit inside your wellies of boots but not so many that it’s tight which will make your toes colder. (I wear 2 pairs of wool or fleece socks inside my sheepskin winter boots.)
• Wellies (bigger wellies than the size normally worm will allow enough socks to be worn to keep feet warm and dry)

· Snow boots can be great because they are warm but must be waterproof all the way up.

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What a Cold and Frosty Morning

It was a very chilly morning today but we were okay because today was a fire session at school. This was groups 1’s last session before Christmas, so to celebrate this we had a camp fire and heated up some delicious soup and hot chocolate to keep us warm and toasty.


To help us stay warm we had to make sure we had our waterproofs, wellingtons, hats and gloves on. The playing field was very wet and muddy.

This group will start Forest School again on the 12th of January.

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Feeling Sad

Last week I had to make a decision on whether it was safe to attend Forest School. I went to the park to do a site risk assessment and the path way and football pitches were flooded. I made the decision to cancel because the water was deep and running very fast along the pathway and I couldn’t get the children to and from the site safely with the equipment we would need to help keep the children dry and warm.

Each Forest School session is risk assessed in the morning and the weather conditions and forecast are taken in to consideration.

All of the children were very understanding about this and are looking forward to their next session.

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A quick reminder!

The weather is getting colder and wetter. It is important that all children are dressed for this. Please bring them into school wearing their old, warm, outdoor clothes and wellingtons. Children must wear wellingtons as they are not discouraged from jumping in puddles and squelching through mud. If you have waterproof trousers then please dress them in these too.

When arriving at school…

Please put your child’s school shoes in the plastic container outside the classroom in a named carrier bag (this will be used for muddy wellies and waterproofs at the end of the session).

Hang up their coat as usual in the cloakroom.

At the end of the day…

Pick up your child’s wellingtons from the boxes outside.

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New year at Forest School

We have had so much fun at Forest school so far this year. All of our EYFS children have had time on our school site to learn how to stay safe in the woodland and now we are venturing out to the woodland.

Class 2 were the first class to go to the park and we saw so much along the way it took us 40 minutes to get to our base camp. We saw Cherry trees, Hawthorn trees, Chestnut trees and a very large Oak tree. There are so many squirrels running around gathering nuts for the winter.

Half of Class 1 went on Wednesday and we found a Willow tree that must have been blown down in the wind, it was fun to climb over and under it.

Then on Thursday it was the turn of group 1 in class 3. Mrs Doe spotted a Passion Flower growing over a fence.

We built some houses out of sticks, grass and mud bricks and we tried to blow them down just like the big bad wolf from the story “Three Little Pigs”


Today in Class 2 lots of us tried hanging upside down on the trees. I was very proud of myself because I managed to do it for the first time last week and I can still do it.

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Hilltop Hedgehogs

What an amazing year I have had. I have learnt so much along with the help of everyone who has been to Forest School. Thank you to all the volunteers and helpers that have come along no matter what the weather was like and also to Mrs Wood who has helped me out with the washing of the waterproofs.

It was sad that we had to say goodbye to Terry Halls who ran class 2 and 3 Forest School sessions but exciting for me as I was able to run my first Forest School with class 1.

I hope every one in EYFS enjoyed it as much as me.

There are lots more photos on the Forest School board near the hall.

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Where has all the mud gone?


The last time we went to Forest School it was very muddy but thanks to lots of sunny weather the mud has dried up and gone very hard. In fact some children added water to make some “oozy mud”

Today we made a role play area, I wonder if it will still be there next time we visit.

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What a lovely day!

What a lovely day it was to visit the woodland. Lots of things are changing, the water is drying up, buds are appearing on the trees and new plants are shooting up from the ground.

As the water is drying up it is leaving lots of very sticky, oozy mud. So sticky that we nearly lost our boots..

This afternoon we made Elder wands, made dens and climbed trees. We also went on a mini beast hunt.

We looked at dandelions too…did you know that they are also known as “lions teeth” because of the jagged edge on the leaves. This comes from the French term “dents de lion”.

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