First Forest School Session

Half of class 2 had an amazing time at Forest School this morning. We learnt how to keep ourselves safe and how the handprints  help us to stay in Forest School.

We made dens, a mud slide and rolled down the hill.We got rather muddy!


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Wow what a day

We are so lucky to live somewhere where there are lots of people who help each other.

Today there was a deer suck in the park railings and the fire service were there very quickly to help free it. Two of the fire officers kindly explained to us what was happening. They told us they were waiting for the RSPCA who help animals that are hurt.

Some of our children helped worms and a butterfly who had managed to get stuck in the puddles.

What a busy morning full of being kind and caring.

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Baby bluetits

What an exciting morning we had today. We were so lucky to be able to watch our baby bluetits leave their nesting box and fly for the first time

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Our first week back!

We have had a really lovely start to the term at Forest School. We have been making mud sculptures and leaving them hidden in the trees.

Leaves are starting to grow on the trees and bushes now. Spring is definitely here.

P1010232                                      P1010233P1050316P1050301P1050291P1050303             

 P1010230         DSCF2594                           DSCF2603           DSCF2609

The Bluebells are in bloom and look very beautiful. One group thought they should be called Tinklebells instead as not all of them are blue. The bark on the Cherry Tree is peeling too, leaving stripes around the trunk, there are no leaves yet but lots of buds.


We have even made a den and a see saw.


I hope our sculptures are still there when we return next week.

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We have had so much fun at Forest School

I am so sorry that I have not posted many pictures of Forest School this year. We have all been having so much fun and have been so busy that we have forgotten to take photographs.

I have managed to find few on class cameras today and I will be looking for more so I can post them too.


This is our woodland in the Summer.

Here are some pictures of class 2 having fun.

IMG_0592           IMG_0315        IMG_0360IMG_0364             IMG_0492         IMG_0493IMG_0500    IMG_0501     IMG_0512       IMG_0514             IMG_0516           IMG_0518        IMG_0571 - Copy            IMG_0573    IMG_0575                        IMG_0584

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Class 1’s fun at Forest School

We had lots of muddy fun at Forest School today. A Robin stopped for a chat when we got to the park.

IMG_0261It came very close to us.

Someone spotted a squirrel busy under the trees.

IMG_0265  Can you see it?

We also had a great game of “Hide and Sneek” Can you find us hiding in the trees?

IMG_0281 IMG_0276IMG_0277  IMG_0282

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Hilltop Hedgehogs

All of the children in class 1,2 and 3 have now been to Forest School in the woods and have had a fantastic time.

Here are a few photos to show you what we have been doing.



                                                  Climbing trees.




                                   Finding things to sit on in our camp.



              Making “leaf angels” and playing hide and seek.


We have learnt how important it is to work together and to listen to every ones ideas. This is very tricky to do sometimes but we are trying hard.

Hopefully I will be able to post more photos soon.

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What a busy time we have had at Forest School.

We have had such a busy time at Forest School over the past couple of weeks. We have been using the tools to make pirate hats and flags. We discovered that if you put a leaf or flower under a piece of fabric and then hit the fabric with a mallet, the colour came out of the leaf onto the fabric.

We have also started to use the hand drills to make a wooden hedgehog. This is a work in progress and we hope that we can finish it before the end of our Forest School adventure.


We sat really quietly for 5 minutes and we were visited by a Jay. These are usually quite shy birds but because we were so still it must have felt quite safe.


We have got a new shelter too. It came in very handy this week when it started to rain. We made such a great tent where we were able to stay cosy and dry. It was fun and the torches were so handy as it was dark inside.


We have made a new sink with running water to help us wash our hands.


There has been so much team work in the woods, it has been so lovely to see everyone working together.

IMG_0099   IMG_0106   IMG_0090

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What a busy week!

We had such a busy and exciting week last week. We noticed so many changes that had been happening over the Easter break. There are buds and blossom on the trees, birds are busy building nests and new shoots are popping up all over. We were even lucky enough to see some people horse riding!

IMG_0083     IMG_0215    IMG_0268

This week has got off to a great start. We were comparing all the different bark on trees. We noticed that some trees have rough bark, some have smooth and some have really bumpy bark.IMG_0026     IMG_0036       IMG_0042

Some of us spent some time looking at ants working hard under an oak tree,

IMG_0084   IMG_0085 

while some of us sat and had a rest!

IMG_0110   I can’t wait to find out what happens over the rest of this week.

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What a lovely day for a trip to the woods!

The sun was shining today for our Forest School adventure. We were able to take our time with our journey looking at all the changes that had happened over the Easter holiday.

A cheeky snail decided he wanted to come along too and got a lift on our trolley all the way to the woods. He has now got a new home to live in.


There were Bluebells in the wood too. Someone said they were called “Ding a Ling Flowers”. I think that is a great name.


We did lots of tree climbing and hanging upside down on branches.

IMG_2016          IMG_2021    IMG_2017

We all thought of new Forest School names too. We had to think of an animal that begins with the same sound as our names. It was very tricky!

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